eurolobby follows legislative activity, monitoring the process for 

"eurolobby follows legislative activity, ...for actions which may have an impact on clients. "

actions which may have an impact on clients. Its hands-on daily tracking system enables clients to be prepared for new developments. It is also helpful for clients to understand the legislative agenda from a broader public policy perspective. 

 eurolobby frequently briefs clients and industry groups about legislative priorities and trends as well as updating them on the treatment of various issues and how they relate to the clients' best interests. 



 eurolobby 's chief objective is to provide client involvement in shaping government policies that will affect them. This begins with the development of a strategy tailored to achieve client goals. eurolobby then implements the plan throughout the entire legislative process, from development of legislation to final action on a bill.  

"When unexpected situations arise, eurolobby has the insight to perform crisis managemnent that works."

When unexpected situations arise, eurolobby has the insight and ability to perform crisis management that works. 
A key component of the government relations process is developing ongoing two-way communication with elected and appointed officials. Over the years, members of eurolobby have established effective working relationships with legislators, legislative leaders and administration officials, and are recognized for their credible and professional representation. 



 Often times, client needs extend beyond lobbying to related activities. eurolobby can provide these services as part of an overall strategy and can manage coalition building, in which organizations with similar goals are identified and called to act on a particular issue.  

"eurolobby can also manage coalition building, in which organizations with similar goals ...act on a particular issue. "

A member of eurolobby has also organized grass roots efforts, including referendums and decisionmaking in the German Bundesrat. 

 eurolobby works closely with qualified experts in the areas of public opinion research, media relations and public relations to help clients meet their government affairs objectives. 

 With its credibility and experience, eurolobby has the resources to give clients a voice in government that will be heard. The eurolobby approach enables clients to understand the workings of government better and to have greater input into its processes. The result has been a record of effective, successful government affairs for a wide range of clients and issues. 

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