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Subject of the contract and terms and conditions in conjuction with the contact details

eurolobby pursues issue management on a customers request, pursues proactive lobbying of German Federal Government and the EU, performs involvement in the legislative process, is in close cooperation with the business community and their organizations and institutions of politics at the state and federal level, as well on the European Union Commission level.

eurolobby carries out issue management for companies, also societies and associations as well as for individuals. eurolobby has achieved longstanding issue management experience in a large international company and silent but significant successes for the industry!

Focus of work: environment (chemistry, electricity, nets), emission from computers (Safety and Security). Health and safety and occupational safety.

However, each different area and each different topic, each issue can be processed lobbyistcally!

  • Analysis of Issues and their proper treatment, organization and implementation.

  • Clean professional partnership between government, industry associations and Issue Owners.

  • Using research-based approaches to help solve social and business problems and guide government policy decisions

  • eurolobby is non-partisan, independent, reliable, credible and safe!

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General Service Conditions Terms

1 Services of eurolobby

eurolobby pursues the representation of economic interests of third parties towards policy makers and others and accomplishes and attains goals.

The cost is only 10% of the issues value jointly identified with the customer, however, never more than 2.5 million due to total cost of an issue, plus tax and travel costs. Otherwise, 2800, - are calculated per day; this is basis of a free fees agreement. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, eurolobby renders and pursues its services exclusively themselves.

It also operates on IT consulting, technical project management in the IT area, configuration, installation and maintenance of all hardware and software for small-medium and large computers, implementing programs in networks, updating of computer programs in data networks, data storage, design of software, services of a computer programmer, organizational project management and all related activities in e-business as a separate item matched calculation.

2 third-party rights

The client declares explicitly that the provision and publication of the contents of the delivered information from him to eurolobby for issue analysis and implementation in lobbying activities by eurolobby, neither violates German laws, nor violates against hereof possibly deviant national law, in particular copyright, names, privacy and competition law.

eurolobby reserves the right of exempting lobbying processing and freezing information that appears to have questionable content. The result is not obliged to being checked for eurolobby.

eurolobby is entitled to exclude such information, which violates the rights of third parties.

On third party claims based on invalid information from the customer, the customer hereby releases eurolobby.

3 Policy

The Customer agrees that personal data and other information needed to perform issue analysis and proactive lobbying, are stored by eurolobby for the duration of the contract, to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of the contract. With the data storage he consents. All data is then deleted permanently.

eurolobby gives information about the stored data to the customer at any time upon request, as far as it concerns him to give full and free information. eurolobby neither forwards this nor the data content without the consent of the customer, to any third party.

eurolobby hereby informs the customer to the fact that data protection for data transmission in public networks such as the Internet, the current state of the technical innovation can not be guaranteed. The customer knows that stored customer data from a technical perspective can be viewed at any time. Other users of the Internet are under certain circumstances be able to gain unauthorized access to the network security and control message traffic. For the security of the data transmitted by him to the Internet (e-mails, etc) the customer should take responsibility.

4 Limitation

The eurolobby is liable for damages, which were caused by it or its agents by gross negligence or willful misconduct. In the breach of contract, the liability in cases of simple negligence for financial losses of the kind of foreseeable, consequential losses are limited to the amount of 2,500.00
Any further liability is excluded.

5 exemption

The customer agrees to eurolobby internally (between eurolobby and customer) from and against any claims by third parties that are based on illegal actions of the client or errors in the contents of this information provided. This particularly applies to copyright, data protection and competition law violations.

6 Copyright

As far as eurolobby is active for customers or on behalf of the client and is lobbying for third parties, it transfers to the customer a non-exclusive right to use the information obtained for the duration of the contract.

7 Applicable Law, Jurisdiction

The contract is subject to German law.

If the customer is a merchant, the seat for the eurolobby local courts are exclusively responsible. The eurolobby may bring proceedings against the customer at his residence or place of business or in Bonn.

8 Other

Changes or additions to this Agreement shall only be valid if agreed in writing. This also applies to changes to this written form clause.

All declarations of the eurolobby can be directed electronically to the customer. This also applies to settlement within the contract.

The customer can set up claims on eurolobby only if they are recognized or legally established.

If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or if the contract contains a loophole, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the invalid provision or gap steps the commercial purpose of the agreement comes close control, which would have been agreed by the parties, if they had known the invalidity of the provision.

We take protection of title pursuant to 5 of the Trade Marks Act and Federal designation eurolobby in all spellings and forms of representation, even for domains on the Internet.

eurolobby ist a registered company in the lobby register of the EU in Brussles


eurolobby also works in Berlin,Brussels, Washington and New York, principally worldwide, but always order-bound.

It works well with mobile +49 1577 828 9876

Office of eurolobby is 53347 Alfter Henri-Spaak-Str. 12

CEO Martin Schenk

Tax ID  DE188446423

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